I'm the fusion of words and tech.

It took a degree in web development and 6 weeks at a coding boot camp in the Bay Area to convince me that a career in software engineering wasn’t for me.

But that’s not all I learned.

I also discovered how to pitch every project’s features, benefits, and outcomes with each tool I built.

And I was good at it.

So 25 marketing books and half a dozen copywriting courses later, I launched Nicholson Copy—a business focused on writing copy for B2B SaaS startups.

You see, I get it. SaaS is here to change the world. And it’s my goal to write the bold and audacious copy that lets everyone know about it.

If you’ve got a SaaS product that does amazing things, let’ talk. I can’t wait to see (and sell) what you’ve built.

– Joe Nicholson