Video Scripts

Discover the scripts that drive subscriptions.

Leverage the power of video to show your audience exactly how your software can make their lives a whole lot easier.

Want to hold your viewers' attention for 90 seconds?

Then you need a captivating video script.

Five seconds is the attention span of your viewers. So when it comes to videos you’ve got to make every second engaging.

That’s why I unearth the root of your customers problems (emotional) and show them exactly how your SaaS products are going to fix them. And I do it without the fluff.

Meet the script that's like a scrum board.

Bring together every element into one script, so everyone working on your video has a clear direction.

With my scripts, every concept is planned, every word scrutinized, and every single element is clearly outlined, so nobody (including your audience) is left in the dark.

Every component is included in every script.

Structured outline

Visualize and approve every scene before any script writing takes place.

Word-perfect script

Get a perfectly polished word-for-word script along with a total word count.

Storyboard concept

Give your animator step-by-step instructions on how your video should play out.

Impeccable timing

Get the tempo of your voiceover just right with a target words-per-minute rate.

Voiceover guidance

Give your voiceover artist notes on tone and tempo throughout the script.

Onscreen text

Know the exact words that should be displayed onscreen for greater impact.

Simple pricing for powerful video scripts*

*Prices are for each script. For new clients, I will include a $500 fee for research and discovery.